We work to help the world

The transition from fossil to renewable raw materials has begun. Everyone in Paper Province has chosen to contribute. Our common task is to make development go faster.

On behalf of our member companies, we work with innovation and development, the supply of a skilled work force, meetings and networks, internationalization and marketing. We bring together companies and organizations in a single large network, in order to liberate the world from fossil raw materials.

Different paths with the same goal

Do you have an idea or need to expand your network? Then you can get coaching in the innovation process and find suitable business partners. Are you interested in a job in the industry? Through Paper Province, you can get tips on appropriate training, find a new career at one of our member companies, or find thesis work suitable for your studies.

Whatever you need within our branch, we always try to help, so that together we can create a forest-based bioeconomy.

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