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Development of a unique test bed

LignoCity is a unique platform based on environmental technology. The ambition is to bridge from research to commercialization of sustainable processes and products, with a specific focus on lignin as raw material. The project aims to develop LignoCity.

Pulp mills are the most important lignin sources, in Sweden and globally, as they generate a large amount of lignin as a byproduct. The test bed LignoCity is based on a unique Swedish technology that separates lignin from pulp mills, but also opens up for development of alternative technologies. This means a unique opportunity to develop new products and solutions with lignin as raw material.

The project is run by RISE, and aims to shorten the time from idea to commercialization. It is also expected to contribute to the establishment of new companies in Värmland. In addition, we are creating a node for the development of lignin in various new environmental (carbon-) smart solutions. A node with an international reputation expected to give a national advantage as the lignin value chains are still rather undeveloped. The project is also part of our region’s Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Project name

Low carbon economy through the development of LignoCity

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Region Värmland, Vinnväxt, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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Per Myhrén

Project Manager

+46 (0)70 214 08 36
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